Big Data Developer

Work Location: Bangalore & Pune

Experience: 3-6 Years


  • Candidate should be 3-4 years of experience overall with strong data engineering background. Has a passion for coding.
  • Extensive knowledge in different programming or scripting languages for example, Python or Java, UNIX shell scripting etc.
  • Experience using Big Data batch and streaming tools within the Hadoop Ecosystem. Example – HDFS, HIVE, Impala, Pig, Spark, Hadoop etc.
  • MongoDB or any other NoSQL database is a plus.
  • Background knowledge on an RDBMS database along with familiarity with monitoring, backup, and disaster recovery of data systems.
  • Adheres to data management standards, policies and procedures.
  • Expert knowledge of data modeling and understanding of different data structures and their benefits and limitations under particular use cases.
  • Good communication, problem solving skills and self-learning skills. The job will involve extensive learning.