Enterprise Applications

Customer Support Transformation

Client: Scholastic at Home

Problem Statement:  Scholastic at Home, a division of Scholastic Incorporated, sold children’s books to consumers via direct marketing. The client was using CICS mainframe screens for all their customer support representatives (CSRs) and all the fulfillment interactions. Our solutions experts were called upon to assist Scholastic in transforming the Call Centers.

Due to the rapidly changing nature of the business, the Scholastic at Home systems were not able to support the evolving business model.
The client needed develop a system which:

  • Enabled CSRs to save customers from cancellation.
  • Dramatically reduce CSR training time from weeks to days.
  • Enable scripting to guide CSRs through objection handling.
  • Load millions of household’s information into the database to provide a 360 degree view of customers to CSRs when they interacted with customers.

Solution: Our team was imbedded in the client business unit to rapidly understand the business model and the pain points.  Our solution was to implement PeopleSoft CRM and give CSRs a browser based interface and integrate CRM with Mainframe via Web Services using Middleware products.

Key Differentiators

  • No change in the existing Mainframe system, seamless integration to back end processes.
  • Provided Objection handling scripts and dynamic scripting and Program advisor to recommend which Scholastic products met customer needs.
  • Decoded the entire mainframe screen to GUI based interface, training time was drastically reduced.
  • Directly Loaded data from VSAM files to DB2 using COBOL to reduce the load times.
  • Partitioned tables to increase efficiency of Database to achieve sub-second response time.

End Result

  • Within the first 6 months of operation of the new CRM system, the client saved/generated over $ 6 M by retaining customers or cross selling. Our solution generated multiple fold revenue than the initial investment in CRM.
  • User friendly screens and enhanced Scholastic customer satisfaction as CSRs were able to devote the interaction to engaging customers rather than remembering cryptic CICS codes.
  • Significantly reduced the Customer Service Training time
  • Reduced talk time.
  • Increased revenue by overcoming objections of customer and suggesting alternate products.


Client: Sears

Problem Statement: Sears had a database of 70 million members with address information. Sears wanted to do direct marketing based on the attributes of home address and buying history. There was no direct information available to get home address information like home value, last sold, size of house, and other demographic and financial indicator.

Solution: We implement our flagship product Cognidium to do data mining of address and other relevant attributes from different sources. New instance for Sears with housing framework was ready in a month and started producing result of housing data and other attributes.

Key Differentiators

  • No Data access to the Client Infrastructure
  • All the Data was transferred via SFTP and other secure modes
  • Started producing significant and measurable result with in the first month.
  • Daily processing of over 400K records from the internet
  • Real time monitoring of the system

End Result

  • Marketing and Management teams at Sears was Delighted to see significant and measurable results so quickly
  • Sears was able to segment Customer based on the attributes we provided
  • Campaigns were more successful and effective which in turn increased the foot falls in their physical as well as online stores.
  • Sales saw a significant spike after each targeted campaign powered by IQSS.

Competency Based Routing

Client: Med Solutions

Problem Statement: Med Solutions used to get over 40-50 thousand cases a day for Approval from Insurance companies or Members directly. At any given point of time there were 10k cases in the pending Q. Cases were assigned manually to Nurses and MD’s. This was very time consuming and error prone and cases were missing the TAT defined by the insurance Company.

Solution: We created new customised CBR (Competency based routing) in PeopleSoft. When user needs a case to work on, he/she will click on Get Next case and based on the Case attributes, Worker Competency, user will always get a best case to work on.

Key Differentiators

  • Define Competency of Each worker (Nurse or MD)
  • Assigning weight to Each Competency
  • Create Rules for Assignment (each rule can have multiple lines) Each line can be required or weighted
  • When Rules were executed if any of the required criteria is not met the case is not picked.
  • Cases with Maximum Weight based on case attribute and worker Competency was assigned to the resource.

End Result

  • Fully automated routing system
  • No TAT was missed
  • Costs were down significantly
  • Improved efficiency as the number of cases processed by each resource increased as they were getting best case to work on based on their skill set.
  • Customer satisfaction scores were significantly improved.