Client Quotes

“As my CIO colleagues know, today’s business environment is more challenging than ever.  Our business executives rely on their CIOs to help them navigate the rapidly changing ways to obtain, retain, and satisfy customers.  The information we have about our customers and households is a business critical differentiator in the competitive market for consumer spending.

I highly recommend IQSS because their approach was a critical success factor in two large projects I undertook at Scholastic.  We re-engineered our 1,200 seat customer service centers and our Salesforce automation systems to rapidly respond to changes in the direct marketing channel.  IQSS was imbedded with my Information Technology team.  IQSS attended the Joint Application Design sessions with our end users in the call and distribution centers.  The IQSS approach enabled him he to work with my team in doing Rapid Application Design and Prototyping so that users could see the new business service models before development began.

I highly recommend IQSS approach to enable you to unlock the full potential of your business using their collaborative approach.”  Robert Anderson, CIO – Scholastic at Home and Library Publishing Division.

“I worked with IQSS  for almost twenty eight years now,  IQSS has always gone above and beyond and exceeded the expectations of any client they worked with.  Their ability to understand the business process, best practices, and overall best technical solution make them invaluable.” Candice Carden-Chambers, Partner – Element Consulting Group