About Us

IQSS Infotech is an IT outsourcing and products company with a long and successful journey in the Enterprise applications, Analytics, Custom Development, Offshore Partnering and Staffing in Retail,BFSI, Healthcare,Aviation, Hospitality, Education and Energy

We are headquartered in Fremont California with offices in Gurgaon and Bangalore India and offices coming up in Pune India and Singapore.

Our clients are delighted with our approach and the value we deliver. Our strength lies in our people – a talented and experienced team of SMEs and IT professionals who quickly become an integral part of our customer’s teams, providing advocacy and engineering streamlined solutions.

At IQSS we deliver great value to our clients through a customer centric approach and proprietary processes which in most of the cases result in multiple fold savings which was way more than the expected values.

Our talented consultants and service professionals quickly become an integral part of your organisation which helps them understand your processes and culture which in turn helps them exceed expectations and delight our clients.

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