Customer Loyalty Programs

In today’s world of fleeting attention and ever increasing choice, your customers are more likely to get distracted from your brand. The only way your brand can continue to stay relevant to your customers is by creating dialogs and extending them to lasting conversations. Such conversations also foster relationships and lead to higher engagement & brand loyalty.

LPaaS (Loyalty Program as a Service) is a proprietary service delivery platform driven by intelligent & fluid technology, seamlessly interwoven with the best practices of customer engagement delivered to you through a highly experienced and motivated team. We help your business attract and, more importantly, retain new customers by taking a fresh look at the methods and models of engagement & brand loyalty for your customers, employees & channel partners. We believe in the efficacy of using a humanistic perspective with an objective to foster long term relationships.

At the core lies decision science that interprets transactional data, customer profiles, social behavior and creates opportunities for you to engage with your customers. Our fluidic approach to implementing loyalty management practices allows your loyalty program to be scalable, dynamic & simple. Flexible offer policies enable you to reward your customers in coupons, discounts or through contests & sweepstakes with large grand prizes to select winners.


Decision science drives the intelligence of LPaaS technology and services. Decision science builds on data collected by our transactional processes and creates different models, each in-line with one or more strategic objectives of the program. The model is iterated through a series of hypotheses by our data scientists (who don’t wear white coats ;)). Feedback looping ensures that the model learns and grows over time. The decision science behind LPaaS is built on years of domain and smart analytics expertise.

That’s how LPaaS helps you generate the right conversations at the right time with your customers and create long lasting relationships.